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Beth Pony Girl

2023-01-22 00:19:22

Beth - Pony Girl - In the beginning
The old Nevada western town of the 1800’s was a disused movie set with dirt road, wooden buildings, wooden pathways against all the buildings, a jail, a saloon, a general store, barn with blacksmith forge and corral. It was located on large private ranch, The 4L’s, owned by the club, The Pony Club.

Hi, I’m Beth, my pony fantasy has been developing since my teens, my puberty years when my breasts formed into the male magnets they are today. 36DD’s with ¾ inch long nipples and perfect areolae, a dark tanned circle almost two inches in diameter, when I am excited this circle ripples with tiny muscles pushing the nipple outward like a small rocket straining against the locks holding it to the ground. I am now in my mid 20’s and have studied many BDSM books on the subject, every time I read one and see the photos it ends in a fantastic orgasm. Submissive in nature is not me but when I am in pony mode I dream of being treated like a pony, nothing else matters, I love it. Up until recently it has only ever been a fantasy but then I met Matt.

As we entered the bar he was sitting by himself, immediately my eyes met his and I felt myself melting. He was tall, broad shouldered and had rough stubble on his face with sunglasses pushed onto his head. His skin tight jeans left no doubt he had a nice arse. I was with my two girlfriends, Sonia and Karen, we decided to sit at a table away from the bar, I offered to buy first drinks, the excuse to go to the bar.

I made sure to approach the bar as close as possible to him as I ordered three drinks, I took the first two to the table and went back for mine. That night my girlfriends left alone, I never made it home. Back at Matt’s place I was stripped naked and then fucked, fucked so hard I could barely walk the following day. This was the beginning of our relationship, over the following weeks we rarely left his apartment, I was always naked, my cunt was always dripping cum.

One night after many drinks, after sex, lying naked in Matt’s arms I weakened and confessed my pony fantasy to him. I told him I would love being a pony girl harnessed to a sulky, bit gag in my mouth with a leather strapped hood, blinkers and reins. I would have a studded corset pulled tight to enhance my slim waist and push the DD’s higher without covering them, leather gloves with closed fingers and thigh high boots with 6 inch heels. That’s it, all else would be totally naked except for necessary chains and jewellery. “Matt I want to pull you around a track”, I said, ”and in public” I said.

He rolled me over and fucked me again, hard, I am sure harder than ever before, “I’ll make you wish you had never mentioned being a pony” as he rammed his cock into my pussy from behind. He held my hands behind me, arms straight and pushed them high to get me to buck back against him. Our orgasms were simultaneous and that’s how I got to today.

I am becoming aware of my soundings, where am I, I am naked, my mouth is sore – it’s a ball gag almost too big for my mouth, drool has been leaking around the edges for some time as my boobs are covered in spittle. My shoulders are in pain, arms pulled behind my back with elbows almost touching and hands locked together somehow, I cannot see them. Sitting on the dirt ground rough under my arse and propped up against a couple of straw bales. I then feel the chain around my neck and follow it to the wall of the, barn ?, that I am in, the chain is about 6 feet long and securely locked to a ring on the wall. I could stand but would not be able to move far, I am filthy, I must have been rolling in the dirt.

“Hello, your awake” a strange voice says, “How are you”. I think what a stupid question how do I look like I feel and how can I respond with my mouth stuffed like it is. The owner of the voice is a mature middle aged man he appears naked except for a pair of old work boots and a full length dirty leather apron. “You were delivered here last night, you were out cold so I let you sleep before I fix you up.” He said “I am Joe the blacksmith and you are not worth a piece of shit more than any of your stable mates” I can’t see into the closed stables so I have no idea what he means. “now” he says, “I have some work to do so let’s get started”.

I am starting realise that this is Matt’s way of getting me my pony fantasy but I don’t understand much else. Joe comes over and unlocks the chain off the wall and motions me to stand and follow him, not that I have much choice, he didn’t wait for me to respond he just pulled on the chain fastened around my neck. He leads me outside into the bright sunlight, naked. Then I see the old western town, this is the stable. He loops the chain around a post near a water trough, the chain is now so short I cannot move more than a foot and if I fall I will be hanging by my neck.

Joe grabs a rough horse brush and dips it in the water rubs it on some soap and begins to scrub me clean. He starts at my face, the excess soapy water runs down my chest over my naked breasts to the ground, I have to shut my eyes to keep the soap out, he brushes my mouth which is stretched open by the ball gag and I have to force out the soapy taste. By the time he gets to my sensitive breasts I am starting to feel a stirring in my groin, he scrubs my nipples hard, very hard, these must be clean he says, real clean. He continues, his rough strong hands turn me at his will, back and forth, brushing as he goes, the brush touches my pussy, scrubbing hard between my legs, pussy to arse, he is spending a lot of time here, I am on the verge of an orgasm, why am I being aroused by this treatment, why am I enjoying the minor pain being inflected. He sees it in my face and pushes the bristles into my cunt as far as they will go and scrubs harder. He laughs as it becomes obvious I am having a mind blowing orgasm, I am finding it difficult to stand. He moves on cleaning my legs. Finally he grabs a bucket, fills it from the trough and throws it over me rinsing the soap off, and again and again.

It’s a warm sunny day, as I am left to stand there totally naked, I see his bare back as he disappears inside and I begin to dry.

Time passes slowly, I have to rotate my body at times to relieve the heat of the sun, I am not sure maybe an hour or more before he comes back to collect me, undoing the chain from the post and pushing my head down to the trough and ordering me to drink, “It will be your last opportunity for a while he says”. As hard as it is to get the water past the ball gag I take his advice, sucking as best I can. The water is not real clean, it is cloudy and I can still taste the soap from the brush. He leads me back inside.

While I have been outside he has been busy in the barn firing up the blacksmiths forge, I can feel the heat as we enter. He takes me close to his bench where a hangman’s noose is drooping from the rafters, he slips it over my head and pulls it snug around my neck, I am confined to a standing position any movement pulls hard on the noose and I struggle to breath. He says “I am going to release your arms but any resistance and I will lift you higher with the noose.” As he releases my hands and arms I feel a relief that I am able to stretch my arms forward and flex the shoulder muscles for the first time that I can remember, it feels good. I eventually use my fingers to relieve the pressure from the noose on my throat slipping them under the thick coarse rope, I run them around my distended lips to feel the ball gag still stuffed in my mouth, what is happening to me I am feeling aroused not threatened as I should. As my hands roam to my pussy lips I feel the moisture developing within but then Joe spots me, “any more of that young lady and you will have to be punished, hands away right now or else” he says.

Joe comes over with some steel cuffs for my wrists, two by two semi-circular halves in matching sets, cold steel one inch wide and hinged. Each set has several rings hanging from them. He tries them on my wrists and they are a perfect fit, he must have measured me while I was out cold. He now goes back to the forge and with a pair of tongs he lifts out a red hot rivet and brings it back to me. With the cuff folded over my right wrist there are two holes lined up to make one, he puts the rivet in the hole and pulls my hand to the bench where there is an anvil and using his blacksmithing skills peens the rivet over locking the cuff on with no way to remove it. I can feel the heat of the rivet transferring through the cold steel and begin to worry I will be burnt but this is not to be as he pours some water from a container over the rivet and only the warmth of the steam can be felt. The process is repeated to the other cuff. Now he returns with an almost identical cuff but much larger, this one he positions around my neck but he is having difficulty with the noose obstructing a neat fit so he reaches over and pulls on the noose rope taking all slack out of the rope and even more. This slips the rope up tight under my chin and makes me stand on my toes so I can breathe. Now the collar is an easier fit. Again he comes back with a red hot rivet and uses a hammer and hand held anvil to peen the rivet and lock the collar on. Again water is poured on the rivet and the now hot water runs down over the DD’s and it is HOT.

Why is my pussy wet, why do I find this activity exciting, I would love to reach down and massage my clit but the noose is too tight I must take some of the weight with my fingers, I am on my toes trying not to lose balance. FUCK it feels good.

The next ring is even bigger, it is fitted around my waist like a belt and secured like the others.

Joe takes the pressure off the noose so I can stand flat on my feet. He then attaches each of my wrist cuffs to the steel belt with padlocks. While it is not uncomfortable it is certainly resolute, I am at the mercy of the key holder. The noose is now removed and I am carefully pushed walking backward a couple of steps to a post, a single round post maybe half my width. The post has a horizontal steel round bar protruding out about a foot and about six inches below my pussy. It is between my legs. Joe grabs some rope and loops it through my right elbow, passes it behind the post and then through the left elbow. As he pulls the rope tight it pulls my arms behind me and with my wrists attached to my new steel belt I have no option but to press my body back into the post. Joe tightens the rope, tighter, shoulders beginning to strain, the DD’s are standing out proud, nipples erect, mounds solid, covered in drool from the ball gag. Once secured Joe comes to the front and for the first time he touches me with intent. Massaging my DD’s with his calloused hands, twisting the nipples with his fingers, “ah” he says “these will do fine”. Not sure exactly what he means but he moves away and comes back with some more rope.

Joe ties one piece of rope to my left ankle and pulls sideways away from my body, my leg begins to spread. He ties it off to a ring on the wall of the barn. I have to position myself off centre to accommodate the stretched leg. Joe goes to the other leg and repeats the process pulling the ankle out toward the bench, as he does I have no option but to slide down the post until my pussy engages the horizontal steel rod. Now it starts to hurt, legs spread, pussy resting on the steel rod my arms secured against the post. “ARGGGGGG” all I can do is moan and drool. The rod I am sitting on feels like it is cutting me in half, I can just relieve some of the pressure by pushing my toes into the dirt but then my toes give way after a few seconds and my weight comes back onto the bone of my pussy. Joe comes back with more rope and now he sets about binding me to the post, around my waist behind the post, between my legs, under the steel rod, figure of eight over my thighs, over my chest between the DD’s over the shoulders. I am bound to the post like a fly in a spiders web. Eventually he is satisfied, my cunt hurts from the pressure on the rod which I cannot relieve anymore.
Why am I still aroused?

Joe goes to his tool box, what has he got now…. Shit is looks like a skewer. His apron has a bulge, it is lifting in front of him, his cock is growing, Fuck no, fuck I get the message as he comes to my tits, he is going to shove that skewer through them. I try to struggle but he has bound me too good, he is really enjoying this, he pulls his apron off and I see his manhood, must be 8 or 9 inches, he gives it a rub and gives me an evil smile. “are you ready” he says but does not wait for an answer. He pulls my left nipple out hard and rams the skewer horizontally into the side of my nipple. I scream into the gag, drool splatters out the small gaps created by my screaming jaw, “FUCK” is all I can say as the skewer exits the other side of the nipple, he pulls the skewer out and roughly pushes a stainless steel open ring through the hole he just created, the ring is a thick as a drinking straw, I scream again, nobody but Joe hears and he doesn’t care. I am exhausted, I am in pain and I know what to expect as he gets ready for the next nipple. The pain, the spittle – there is no difference, it fucking hurts, I fucking scream and he loves it. He massages his cock while he plays rough with the nipple rings, they fucking hurt, the pain penetrates through my whole chest, I think I am going to pass out but as I scream he sprays his cum over my tortured cunt which is still jammed onto the bar, the rope stops me from relieving that pain. He really enjoyed that, my head droops limp.

This is too much I am now tired, I am now sore, I want out but there is no release.

Joe puts his apron back on and says – “almost finished for the day” – Fuck (By the way, I don’t normally swear but today it is the only release I have, “FUCK, FUCK, FUCK”, but it still hurts.) so fuck what more can he do. I watch closely as Joe goes to the forge and picks out a rod that must have been in there this whole time. As he pulls it out I can see what it is, I know what is coming, I struggle and scream and struggle and scream but there is no release and he brands me on my right butt cheek. I awaken not sure where I am, am I in a nightmare, can’t move, “shit” now I am with it again, “oh no not the Tit”, I scream again as Joe presses the hot iron against the cleavage side of my right tit. “AGHHHHHH”

I awaken lying on a soft bed of hay, naked apart from the new adornings permanently attached, the gag has been removed, I am obviously in some kind of fully enclosed stall. What day is it ???. My nipples are sore, the stainless nipple rings have been closed, can’t be removed, there is cream on the brandings. The brand on my tit looks like the Zodiac symbol for Scorpio – “Fucking Matt – it’s an ₥, it’s an M for Matt”, I’ll kill him. I check my arse, that brand has four “L”s.
My arousal builds………..

Time passes…………….

I have been naked now for so long, it must be a couple of weeks. I am getting used to the daily routine. Joe arrives early, I hear muffled sounds of him tending the other stalls and then my door opens, I have learnt to obey as he attaches a chain leash to my nipple rings and leads me out to the corral yard. This exercise routine happens every day, some days twice, the yard is a mess, sloppy like a pig pen, my bare feet follow his gum boots. I have fallen before, face down it is not pretty so now I try to ignore the scum between building my toes as I keep pace with him. When we reach the centre of the yard my leash is attached to a rotating arm, the arm leads me in a large circular path, I have learnt not to fall over last time I tripped it almost tore my nipples off.

I have 30 minutes exercise and as hard as I try to stay clean my legs are nothing to be proud of by the time I finish. But it’s the same ritual every day as we stop beside the water trough and I get the usual scrubbing and as usual Joe finds great pleasure in making me cum with the brush as he scrubs my cunt and pulls hard on the leash attached to my nipple rings.

Today something is different, no exercise today? The same cleaning ritual at the trough and then I am led back into the stable and over to a sulky, so this must be the day I am used as a true pony. Already I am getting wet.

The sulky has a seat for two, two large wheels with rubber tyres. Two arms are bolted under the seat and protrude about 6 feet in front. Joe manoeuvres me in between the arms turns me so my back is towards the seat and lifts the arms to my waist level. There are several large shinny rings (Dee’s), on the sulky, Joe threads the arms each through a ring on the side of my waist band. He pushes the arms forward until each of my rings meet with a corresponding ring on the sulky arm. Joe padlocks the ring sets together, the sulky is now an inseparable part of me, I am getting wet, I reach for my pussy but no sooner touch the hot lips when Joe pulls both hands away and padlocks each wrist band to another set of rings just behind the ones already locked to my belt.

Joe reaches to the sulky seat and takes a series of long straps and sorts them out. The first one he selects is a long single strap about one inch wide, but it is more complicated than that. It has a dildo and a butt plug with tail, loosely sliding as the strap passes through a ring on each item. He attaches the clip on the front end of the strap to the ring on the centre front of my waist belt. As he passes it between my legs, he first inserts the eight inch dildo into my pussy, I am wet so it slides in easily. Then he positions the butt plug against my anal opening and begins to push, here I am dry, I have to relax my muscles to allow it to enter, not fight the intrusion, I have never had anal sex so this is new to me and it hurts. For a few seconds I feel my anus stretching and then a slight relief as the narrowed waist of the butt plug slips into position and trapped by the sphincter. My rear cavity feels unusually full and uncomfortable, I think I can feel the dildo and butt plug touching separated only by a thin layer of virginal skin. The tail hangs loosely just touching the back of my legs at the calf muscle.

Joe seems satisfied as he picks up the long strap again and then feeds it through the corresponding ring on the rear of my steel waist belt. He walks with the strap end and stands behind the sulky seat, he pulls hard on the strap, real hard. This makes the belt cut up hard into my pussy, splitting my lips, imprisoning my clit, it imbeds the dildo deep into my pussy, it is now definitely pushing against the butt plug – he ties the strap off on the seat. There is little I can do to relieve the pressure, if I move my arse any further back I will fall flat on my DD’s. I am wet, so wet and I realise that small movements of my rump changes the pressure on my clit, I think I can make myself come, “AGHH” Joe spots me and using the lose end of one of the straps he lays into my rump with three fast whips with the studded end. Now I’m wetter, I want to cum my whole crutch is on fire.

Joe holds up a studded leather assembly of straps and rings, he places the centre of the assembly (a large ring) on the breast bone between my tits and moves in to me taking the loose ends over and under my shoulders. He leans against me, the roughness of his apron rubs against my sensitive nipples, he delights in rubbing from side to side on my nipples while he reaches over my shoulders and loosely buckles the straps. With his rough hands on my boobs he manipulates the DD’s and nipples and straps so when he is finished my nipples are poking through large rings each with four smaller straps meeting other straps which are surrounding the base of each boob, I now have a leather strap bra that hides nothing but each mound of flesh is fully captured. Joe moves behind me and one by one tightens the individual straps, the DD’s are now resisting the crush as each strap cuts into the flesh, each nipple pulled towards the body, flesh bulging out of the obscure shapes formed but the many short leathers. This breast harness appears to have no purpose then to tightly imprison the two breasts in a secure structure on my chest, I doubt they can even bounce when I run, they are rock hard. He seems very satisfied as he comes back to the front and clips heavy bells onto the rings which are hanging from the protruding nipples, the bells drag my nipples further through the large rings of the harness. He plays with the bells hitting them from side to side testing the tone, each time my nipple pulls hard, but I get wetter, I am so horny now, I just want a cock in my cunt, I just want to be fucked.

The next set of straps he picks up is obviously a bridle. Two large chrome rings maybe three inches in diameter with several studded straps forming a head piece with blinkers and chin strap all separated by a solid chrome steel bit gag. Two long reins run from the bit. Joe positions the head piece on my head and pulls down the bit and pushes it into my mouth, the chin strap flops under my chin. Joe spends the next few minutes adjusting all the buckles until my head is captured and the bit is pulled deep into my mouth, I begin to drool, I can’t get my tongue comfortable, the corners of my cheek hurt, the blinkers close off my side vision. I am a pony girl.

Joe holds the reins and walks me forward a few feet, I have to put in a little effort to pull the sulky, the crutch strap is rubbing against my cunt lips and clit, the dildo and but plug are massaging that piece of separating skin that keeps them apart, we are only at a stroll and I have all these new mixed feelings building up in me. Joe stops at the water trough and ties the reins to the post nearby. He comes to my face and folds the blinkers over, velcro captures them together, the pony girl now cannot see.I am alone, imprisoned in my bondage and blindness. I am aroused, this has been my dream for many years, I can increase the arousal by varying the pressure on my crutch strap, gently pretending to fuck the air, moving my arse back and forth only a few inches and changing my weight from one foot to the other is enough to keep things moving between my legs. The rubbing is working, I am beginning to feel that familiar climax approaching, sensations deep in my lower abdomen all the way to my upper thighs as it approaches I lose control, my feet begin leaving the ground in the alternating motion of marching on the spot, my mouth is drooling I can feel the dribble trickling down my chest, my nipple bells are ringing like those at a cathedral wedding. URGHHHH the climax is building, nothing else matters, I moan loudly giving little whimpers as the orgasm hits. It lasts for many seconds and then subsides, my legs are weak. I hear the slow clap of an applause ???

I hear the applause and a familiar voice, its Matt, “well well well what have we here” he says. I feel one hand on my left butt and another on my left boob which is now rock had because of the restriction of the entrapping harness, fingers slide either side of my extended nipple. There is a gentle squeeze of the nipple behind the nipple ring and then a jiggling motion which makes the bell on that nipple ring loudly. He slides his hand down between my legs, my crutch saturated with the juices of the climax, he probes the rim of the dildo but cannot get past it and the strap that are now forced well into my cunt. He plays with the tail hanging from the butt plug giving it a little tug, I can fell the plug moving slightly in my passage, it feels surprisingly good.

I feel the blinkers opening and at last I can see Matt and Joe, I long to hold Matt, if I could I would fuck him right here right now but I can’t even talk coherently with this bit between my teeth the best I can do is grunt and groan. I look pleadingly into his eyes, “take me, take me, take me” he cannot hear.
Mat finds the branded “M”. He traces his fingers over it, he loves it, then he sees the four L’s branded on my butt and asks Joe what is this. Joe tells Matt that all ponies branded on this ranch also have the ranch identifier branded on their rear ends to show where they were branded. Matt is impressed. Now they have almost healed and are painless I love them as well. It is such a thrill to be permanently marked for the man I love, I would put up with the pain to have more, I am thinking I want to be in the thrones of being fucked hard and right at orgasm the new brand touches my skin, my cunt clamps his cock hard as I scream in pain and blow his juices with mine out of my cunt…… Mmmm only dreaming.

Joe and Matt are discussing how the sulky is attached, the straps and reins. Joe tells Matt that I haven’t had any sulky training but I should pick it up quick. He explains pull the crutch rope tight for a quick stop or just to be a nuisance to me, pulling the left or right rein to turn left or right or both rearwards to slow down or gentle stop. He continues explaining taking the whip to my arse to go forward. Whip harder and more often for more speed. They are talking about me like I cannot hear them, like I am a horse, a pony actually. They discuss that tomorrow is Friday and this weekend there is a pony boy/girl weekend on this site so Matt should at least give me a trial run before the festivities.

Matt unhooks me from the post taking the reins over my shoulders and gets into the sulky. I feel him getting comfortable playing with the reins and crutch strap. Matt pulls right and I have no choice but to turn my head right as the bit cuts into my right cheek and the back of my jaw even harder, then he pulls left testing how my neck reacts to the changing tensions. He pulls both back and I look up to the sky. There are no words spoken until the silence is broken by a loud crack and an instantaneous feeling of fire in my rump, he has used the mini bull whip (snake whip) without warning striking my right butt cheek. He doesn’t wait for me to respond just strikes again, I get the message and start moving.

The sulky is hard to get going, I have no shoes, the ground is dirt but solid, as I strain the now heavy sulky starts to roll, I get another crack on my arse, “Arghhhh”. I put more effort in and finally get it moving at a slow walking pace, the dildo and butt plug are rubbing even more now, I feel my clit reacting to the chaffing of the crutch strap, the tail flips alternately touching the back of each leg, the nipple bells are ringing constantly as they hang from the unmoving breasts encased by the harness on my chest. I feel the reins pull my head left so I naturally favour that direction. I can see up the dirt street of this old western town, it is maybe 100 yards long, about the length of a football field. I am now moving at a steady walking pace, that is until I feel another sting on my rump “Arghhhh” and another this one wraps around my side, I feel the flayed end of the whip strike just to the right of my harnessed cunt, “FUCK” that hurts another strike closer to the last but this one completely laid across my shaven mound I feel the left side of my inner thigh wear the stinging tip of the whip. I am now at a steady trot not sure how I have been able to maintain my composure, must not stumble or I will land on my Nipples and be pushed along by the inertia of the sulky, it would surely tear out the nipple rings holding the jingling bells.

As we settle into a rhythm I am able to concentrate on the task of breathing through the bit, getting rid of the saliva building up in my mouth by blowing hard out over and under the bit. It dribbles down my chin onto my heaving breasts. We get to the end of the street and Matt pulls both reins signalling me to slow down and stop. He then pulls right enticing me to turn a half circle to face back down the street where we came.

For the first time he speaks, “Let’s see what this baby can do”. The whip strikes my arse, hard, I scream, surely he has drawn blood but before I know it another hit almost in the same spot, I start to pull off but the whip is relentless, several on my butt and a few wrap around and hit my cunt like before. I am doing my best to get some speed going, I must not stumble, I must not stumble. I am now running, breathing heavy but running, I feel the sulky push me if I relax a bit, my legs muscles are burning. Then I feel fire in my right tit, Matt has managed to wrap the whip around my right side and land the popper of the whip across the nipple and areola of that captured melon. I want to yell out to Mat but nothing intelligible comes out between the screams and saliva being expelled around the bit in my mouth. I am at full possible speed, my bare feet are landing hard on the dirt road and at times sharp stones dig into the soles of my feet as they hit the ground. I am doing everything I can to concentrate on staying upright but the whip continues, the didlo and butt plug endlessly create collisions within my cunt and the thin wall separating the two items is pummelled. As we approach the stable Matt pulls hard on the crutch strap pulling my rump toward the sulky and making it almost impossible to continue – I pull up as fast as I can, the sulky pushes hard and threatens to overrun me, I must fight to stop it. “Whoa” Mats calls “Whoa”.
Finally I am able to arrest the momentum and come to a walking pace, Matt steers me to the water trough.

We stop and Matt gets off, he is talking to Joe as he loops the reins around the post beside the trough. He and Joe are in front of me, Matt wipes his hand across my mouth and down to the cleavage and across my tits, they are lathered in combination of saliva and sweat, Matt massages it in and fingers the branded ‘M” on my breast, he grabs a nipple and shakes hard, he likes the ringing of the bell. I am still panting hard unable to waste energy on sounds, I need to get oxygen back into my body. Matt now runs his hand down across my belly stopping between my legs, it is saturated and not from sweat, the strap is dripping at the sides with cum juices he slips a finger under the strap and rubs my clit, skin to skin. I am a real whore, I was aroused before but now on the verge I moan and push back against his finger, he and Joe laugh as I scream in a mind blowing orgasm. I am now weak from the run and weak from the orgasm, I need water, I need rest.

Joe pulls out his keys and unlocks the sulky from my wrists and waist belt. He unclips the crutch strap from the front of my belt and pulls it down sharply, the dildo almost falls out of its sloppy virginal hole however the butt plug takes a little more force, I have to help expel it using my bowel muscles. Joe removes the bells from my nipple rings and removed the breast harness, he clips on my leash to each nipple ring, he hands the leash to Matt. He unclips the reins but leaves the head gear and bit on. He tells me to step into the water trough and lay down, Joe pushes my head under the water a couple of times making sure my hair is fully saturated, I take the opportunity to get some water into my mouth and swallow, its dirty but refreshing. He gets out the horse brush and scrubs my whole body under the water. He calls this cleaning, Matt watches on with a smirk on his face, not many words are spoken. Joe pulls me up by the head gear motioning me to get out of the trough. I now stand on the ground beside the trough then Matt says to Joe “don’t ponies sometimes roll in the dirt after a bath” Joe nods his head and laughs while pulling me down to the dirt. I am now kneeling and looking up in amazement at what is happening. “now roll” Joe says and when I am too slow to act so he whips my back with the end of the wet leather leash. I lay down and roll over, Matt puts his booted foot on my ribs and prompts me to roll again, over and over about six times, each time my nipples squash against the ground, I am now covered in dirt that sticks to my wet skin, why did they do this, I just don’t understand. As they led me to my stall Joe removes the head gear and I can talk for the first time, I try to converse with Matt but he ignores me like I am not even there. As he closes the door to my stall I hear him tell Joe to get me some boots for the weekend, the door shuts. I am alone, dirty and spent, I fall asleep.

I awaken a few hours after our little excursion into the wild, not sure exactly how long it has been since I fell asleep, there is no hint except it is dark outside, dim lights peek through the cracks in the stable door. I brush myself off as best I can, most of the dirt falls of easy now that I am dry. I feel like a real pony slut, the experience was incredible, my climax was so intense one of the best I have ever had. I am remembering the naked run, the restriction of the pony gear bondage without total immobilisation, the bit gag deep in my jaw causing me to salivate and dribble, the whip, OH the WHIP. I feel my skin, there are still a few welts across my butt and as I run my finger over them I start to feel the arousal building again. My fingers move to my clit, they massage in a circular motion gently pushing it against the underlying bone, my cunt is leaking new fluids, my fingers follow the source entering deep into the cavity. My other had goes to my nipples and pulls hard on the rings, a new orgasm hits and again I collapse. I love this pony stuff.

The weekend

As morning breaks Joe opens the door to my stall, he leads me out and we go through the same ritual, cleansing my body inside and out. Again I am left tethered by the leash attached to my nipple rings to the post beside the trough, a padlock locks the steel cuffs behind my back, I am drying in the morning sun.

Today is different, Joe is brings out another pony in front of me, this hasn’t happened before, I finally get to see a stable mate, she appears to be a mature woman, can’t hide the fact she is maybe mid-forties but built, she is built. Blond hair cascading over her shoulders laying over her massive breasts, they can’t be real standing out from her chest like mini mountains defying gravity forced out even further because her hands are cuffed behind her back, elbows pulled together by several wraps of hemp rope. Her nipples are also pierced but with much larger nipple rings than mine, nipples distended, I notice she is wearing a ball gag, red, behind her teeth, her jaw forced wide open, lips stretched at the corners to breaking point. She has a look in her eyes of pain. As I scan down her body past her steel waist belt like mine to her pussy I note there are whip marks from her boobs to her knees, too many to count and then I see the rings in her cunt lips at least three each side but linked together by a steel rod threaded through them all and padlocked so it cannot be removed. Her muscular thighs turn into high leather boots before you can see the knees, the boots are connected by a chain about 2 foot long at the ankles, she can only hobble. She resists every move that Joe forces. He lashes her to the same post as me. He scrubs her down with the same wet horse brush that he used on me and leaves her to dry. I am aroused by her closeness to me, I can bump my shoulder against her bare skin, she resists and pulls back as far as her leash will allow, her nipples stretch further till she can’t move anymore without tearing them off her tits.

All this is new to me and I am so horny, I just want to be fucked.

Joe brings another pony out, a male captive. Evident by his massively thick but limp cock, 6 inches, circumcised, pierced right through eye with a closed ring, hanging from the ring is a bell like I had on my tits yesterday. Once I can get my stare away from his manhood I review the rest of his body, same steel collar, same nipple rings with leash, same belt and hands cuffed behind his back, I cannot see what is behind the gag that is strapped to his mouth but there is a large rubbery shiny black cock protruding outwards. His muscular body has not one once of fat, he is tattooed chin to knees, dragons, horses, dogs and naked women but they ALL have erect cocks oversized and out of proportion with the rest of their pictorial image. The tattooed women on his body also have large cocks and all big oversized tits, one even has a cunt below the cock. He has a two foot long cock tattooed erect and upright on his right side, balls near his butt cock head in his armpit spewing cum. His feet are bare. Joe tethers him to the same post, scrubs him down with the same brush and leaves.

The three of us are so close we cannot help touching skin to skin. The male pony is between our feminine nakedness, I purposely brush my tits against his chest, he becomes erect, I think he could almost fuck me. I move to him and take his rubbery mouth phallus into my mouth like I am sucking Matt’s cock. Our nipple rings clash, I feel his stiff member between my legs but we are unable to get into a position that allows penetration. There is a gentle rubbing on my clit as he pushes his erect cock up between our bodies, the rubbery phallus is deep in my throat, I fight the gag reflex, our hands are useless, the other bitch is being trapped against the post as I push hard against him. My clit is bursting as I feel his cock rubbing it, I am going to cum, the rubber cock is now as deep as it can go down my throat from a distance it would look like I am only kissing him. Here I am in broad daylight bondaged and leashed to a post by the nipples, dry humping a bound, tattooed hunk then I cum “arghhhhhhh that feels good don’t let it stop”. I feel him spray warm sticky fluid toward my navel as he tries to push the rubber further down my throat, his body spasms several times, I am still cumming, juices run down my inner thighs. Finally it subsides, I find it hard to let go but eventually I do.

A few minutes later Joe comes back with a pair of boots in his hands, as he goes to fit them on me he notices my wet cut and the spunk now dripping from my lower body. He sees the male pony’s limp cock dripping with left over cum, he is not happy. He says to the male pony “I’ll deal with you later” then he unhooks my leash from the post and leads me roughly to the side of the barn. There is a loft opening above and a rope and pulley arrangement leading to an overhanging beam above the loft. He unlocks my wrists from behind my back and attaches them to the rope. He moves toward the barn to the other end of the rope and pulls the rope through the pulley arrangement, my hands raise above my head, I have no control I am almost on my toes, he ties off the rope. Then he disappears and comes back with a silver metal tube maybe four or five foot long with a small length of chain on each end. Using the chain he locks one end of the tube to my left ankle and then spreads my legs and locks the other end to my right. I can now just barely touch the ground with one set of toes. To relieve the strain I must alternate between left and right foot. Joe has a bull whip in his hands, I plead for mercy but none is to come. I am facing him when the first crack comes hitting my left midriff and wrapping around my back and finishing like a dagger at my tender navel. I scream and spin as he pulls the whip back for a second hit. With my back to him I feel the second hit on my right butt cheek “FUCH YOU, YOU CUNT” I scream but barely finish the outburst when another hits at the same spot, and then another, the pain in my mind is building, tears flow from my eyes, this whip is murder, pain like I have never known before but nothing to what happens next. With my back to him I never saw it coming, the whips starts its contact with my body just under my right armpit wraps around my breasts across my nipples, my nipples feel like they are being cut off my tits, then I feel like I have been stabbed in soft flesh on the side of my left tit as the end of the whip finishes it travels with a crack. I have never screamed so loud but he doesn’t care and aims one last lash up between my spread legs, I pass out from the pain.

I awake in a startle as water is thrown over my hanging body, “what have we here” says a familiar voice, it is Matt, as I take a breath and look up I see him moving in close to me and “Shit No” he is accompanied by my friend Sonia. They both appear to be in uniform, they are wearing similar western hats, check shirts with Jeans and boots completing the outfits. Sonia’s boots have high heels maybe four inches, her boots glisten in the morning sun with sequins implanted beside the lace holes stretching from the ankles to the upper rim past her calves. Both have their shirts unbuttoned, Matt’s is tucked into his jeans, Sonia’s is loosely tied around her lower chest just below her boobs, there is no evidence she is wearing a bra, her ample cleavage is showing between the wide gap of the shirt. I begin to talk to Matt but he shushes me with a finger to my lips, “be quite or I will gag you” he says, “do as you are told or you will be punished”.

He runs his hands over my breasts, fingering the new welts, touching the brand and gently tugging on the nipple rings. He says to Sonia, “she has been a bad little pony hasn’t she”. Sonia is now examining my body with her hands, she has never seen me naked before let alone touched me but now the palm of her hands roam freely over my bare skin. “She is lovely, like I have always imagined” she said, “I love these red welts” as she also fingers the whip marks. She brushes the hair away from my face with her right hand and kisses me on the cheek while lifting the weight of my left boob with her free hand, her long fingernails gently scratch around and tug at my erect nipple and nipple ring. Matt shows her the two brandings. With my arms strung high above my head, legs held spread and toes barely touching the ground I am powerless to stop them playing with my body. I begin to get that familiar feeling in my loins again, now I know I am a real pony slut. Matt inserts his fingers into my cunt and notices the moisture, he pulls them out and shows Sonia the sticky goo between forming between them, he them wipes them across my mouth, Sonia leans in and licks my lips, “Ummm, nice” she says, “we should come back to this later”.

Matt goes to the other end of the rope that is holding me aloft and lowers me a little so I can stand flat footed. He goes behind me a picks up a large floppy bag, he pulls out the boots that Joe had before, while they have very high heels maybe six inches they also have a high platform for a sole. The overall affect will be to increase my height buy four or five inches. The boots have long zippers and a number of buckles, Matt unhooks the rod which has been spreading my legs and sets about fitting the left boot, he forces my toes deep into the shoe pushes up hard to seat the heal then zips up the side. The boot Shaft stops at my knee but the front collar flares out like a blossoming flower to cover the knee but allow free movement as the knee bends. He buckles each of the equally spaced four straps tight around my leg. Sonia is at my side one hand touches my pussy, her other hand unconsciously caresses my back as she leans over my boobs to watch Matt fit the other boot. I can now stand freely, the extra height has relieved all the strain in my arms. I am highly aroused. Matt is happy and moves to stand in front of me.

For the first time he looks me in the eyes and talks to me as a person. “I hope you are enjoying yourself here, you said you wanted a pony experience and here you have it. I want you to know that while to this point you have been forced to become what you are I am about to give you one chance to get out” he says. (Sonia is now nuzzling and nibbling my neck, her fingers on one hand are playing with my clit her other hand on my arse, she is so close her covered breasts are either side of my body.) Matt continues, “If you want I will release you, I will remove the rings, the belts and the cuffs and take you home, just say the word. If you want to continue then so be it, you will be treated like a pony and not released until Monday, you will have no say in what happens over the next couple of days and no matter how much you complain you will not be released.” (Sonia lightly pinches my clit and is kissing the side of my face her tongue is lightly licking my ear, her finger nails on her other hand are tracing gentle circles at the base on my spine. I know I am dripping wet.) “Well” says Matt “what will it be”. I am totally distracted by Sonia’s silent intrusion into the conversation, the game she is playing is unfair but delightful. I can barely utter the words “pony please” Why did I say that, because I am a pony slut, I am a slave to the orgasms I am having, I want more, lots more.

Matt says, “that’s it young lady, you are now committed”. He reaches into the bag and pulls out a ball gag, pushes it behind my teeth and buckles the strap under my hair behind my head. Now I can’t complain. Sonia has stopped her torment.

Both Matt and Sonia stand in front of me. With his eyes locked on mine Matt leans into Sonia and kisses here on the cheek, he slips his hand into the open “V” of her shirt and cups her breast she turns her head and meets his lips with an open mouth extending her tongue into his mouth. There is nothing I can do but cringe with envy, I had my chance, it is now lost.

They break the clinch, Matts says “let’s get her ready”. Matt reaches into the bag and gets out a couple of brushes, he gives the smaller stiffer brush to Sonia and he takes the softer larger brush himself. As Matt begins brushing my skin from neck to knees front to back Sonia is busy with my hair, she brushes it removing the matting that had formed over the past few days. She spends some time tightly platting the hair into a mane, She gets a large chrome ring out of the bag and threads the platted end of my hair through the ring before doubling the mane and locking the double with small cable ties, she tugs the ring to test the strength, my head is pulled back until I am looking at the sky. The ring rests between my shoulder blades as the mane is left to rest. Matt is still brushing my body, I don’t want him to stop, it feels so good, he doesn’t miss an inch, he lifts by breasts and spend time brushing under the globes. Sonia’s now idle fingers migrate back to my pussy as Matts brushing works on my lower back and rump. I feel like a real pony totally helpless, being brushed and handled as others wish, I am truly a highly aroused pony slut. Sonia gives Matt a quick glance as she rubs my cunt and clit even harder, her other hand plays with my pierced nipples gently pulling on the rings as she feeds one into her mouth, she sucks it hard flipping the nipple ring now deep in her mouth around with her tongue, I am verging on another orgasm and they know it, Matt works the brush Sonia the cunt as the feelings build deep inside me and push me over the top in ecstasy, I moan behind the ball gag as it hits, I go weak at the knees, they laugh at my humiliation as again saliva leaks out of the corners of my mouth.

Matt unhooks my wrists from the rope holding them over my head but there is no freedom as he immediately locks them behind my back. Sonia takes the leash attached to my nipple rings and leads me back towards the water trough. It is humiliating being naked, my cunt soaked with my juices and being led around by my friend who until today has never seen me naked. Why am I continually aroused in this situation.

When we get to the trough I can see the other two ponies have been harnessed to sulkies just like I was. The male ponies cock is erect and locked in a set of cock rings, it cannot relax, I hear Joe say he has been fed strong Viagra his cock will be erect for at least 24 hours. He is securely tethered but where my cunt strap was pulled deep between my pussy lips his strap is connected to a ring through the tip of his cock. I can only imagine the affect when the driver pulls hard on this strap, bending his cock back between his legs. The mature woman is tethered to a single seat sulky but she is not happy, she continues to struggle to no avail. Joe brings over my sulky and repeats the process of yesterday. I am now fully attached and locked to the sulky arms, ball gag is removed and my head gear is strapped tight in its place the bit pulled deep into my jaw, breast harness is fitted and tightened. Bells fitted to nipple rings, crutch strap and dildos in. Sonia inspects the outfit, running fingers under all the straps testing for free play. She plays with my nipple bells ringing them hard to the extent that she is hurting but she laughs, all I can do is groan. Matt tells her to feel my clit under the strap holding the dildo in, she forces her finger in, arousal builds. She has this smirk on her face defining how much she is in control of me, she moves away laughing.

I look up the street, there are maybe a dozen other ponies of both sexes pulling sulkies which are under the control of the passengers some just walking other trotting at a reasonable speed. The ponies are all outfitted differently but tend to have one thing on common, there is little or no covering on chests and lower abdomen, bare breasts of various sizes are bouncing to the rhythm of the legwork going on below them. I can hear whips cracking over and over again but my observations are distracted when I feel the sulky arms getting heavy on my waist. Matt and Sonia have climbed into the seat, I cannot turn enough to see but I can hear them discussing the “controls”. Matt tells Sonia to hit my arse with the whip to get me going but first release the tension on the crutch strap, “handbrake” he calls it. I didn’t hear the whistle of the whip, the crack only happens after contact so the first thing I know my butt cheek is on fire, “Giddy up” she says in a condescending tone and then hits my arse again. I get the message and pull hard, the sulky barely moves, another strike on my arse and I put all my effort in and finally get going but the weight of the two occupants makes it hard to maintain any level of speed. “Try the steering” Matt says, I feel the bit bite into my right jaw so I turn my head right and as I start to move in that direction I feel the bit bite hard the opposite side, that bitch she is just fucking with me she is supposed to be a friend. I turn to the left as the whip bites my arse again but I am making some head way up the street, nipple bells hanging heavy ringing out loud, passing other ponies going in the opposite direction.

I hear Matt and Sonia comparing me with the other ponies, tit size is the main topic, some have small tits others have huge tits, they comment on one pony girl who has the reins attached to her nipples Sonia suggest it may work better with me. I can’t believe what I am hearing if I could I would kick her in the cunt to show her what pain is. I will say now that I have a rhythm going it is getting a bit easier, the dildo and butt plug are doing their job and I am reacting to the humiliation of cantering down a crowded street naked pulling my two friends in a sulky. I am wet again, I am breathing heavy, spittle is running down my chin over my breasts…… again.

We get to the end of the street, she pulls hard right and I turn. Matt says to Sonia “hold the reins steady and we will see what she can do”. ARGhhhh my arse cops the tail of the whip but much harder than before, it must be Matt on the other end, I take off as fast as I can then I get the one that wraps around my tits, then another in almost the same spot, fuck, fuck, fuck, I am doing my best. They talk about getting a drink so Sonia steers me toward the Saloon, when we get there they hop out of the sulky. Sonia brings the reins with her as she comes to my face, “a little out of breath are we” she says as she traces the new welts on my heaving breasts with her finger, “you will have to do better than that next time”. She wraps the reins around the horizontal rail just above the water trough. She ties them short causing me to bend at the waist my back parallel to ground, tits hanging vertically down, she kicks the nipple bells with her boot. I am left in this uncomfortable position as they disappear into the salon, she is a real bitch pay back is going to be great. I manage to get my face low enough to drink from the trough.

A middle aged couple dressed in period clothes are crossing the street and now walking past me, they stop beside me, he runs his hand over my back down to my rump, his fingers slip between my legs, the crutch strap is lose so he wriggles the dildo and starts pumping it a bit, she is laughing at me as I try to buck back against my dildo his fingers are playing with, I am enjoying this, I am a real pony slut. He slaps my arse hard a couple of times and they move on. I am left half completed.

A few minutes later the male pony from the stable pulls up beside me, I turn my head sideways to see I am at the level of his still erect cock, his driver gets off and loops his reins once over the same rail that I am tied to, the driver is a woman of unbelievable beauty, elegant, maybe 30 years old dressed in a black shiny leather outfit. Two panels starting at each shoulder as a thin spaghetti strap and growing to barely 3 inches wide as the cover each nipple, then they follow the contour over each breast toward her navel where they meet and form one six inch wide piece which continues down loosely in front of her crutch, the flap stops at mid-thigh. Along the edges from her nipples to her waist are eyelets filled with black leather string cross lacing the panels onto her body, the side lacing crosses her naked back from side to side in long sweeps ensuring her figure is eloquently accentuated while exposing the maximum amount of flesh. The centre strings start just below the nipples and continue down defining a V of cross laces until they reach the inverted apex of the V. Fishnet stocking start at mid-thigh and disappear into black leather knee high boots with heels of at least four inches. She wears an open cloak of black silk clipped at the neck and flowing off her shoulders to almost touch the ground. She wears no underwear, her shaved pussy can be seen behind the loose flap when viewed from the side, her arse in naked save the cloak. She trusts her pony, the single loop of the reins over the rail is symbolic, it in no way inhibits his ability to move away, with a mistress like that why would he?

We are left there for some time maybe 2 hours, I am sore from being stooped over, I can actually rest on my knees for short periods but then this becomes uncomfortable and I stand bent again, my arse is red from all the passers-by who think it is funny to slap the rump of a tethered pony, my nipples hurt from the continued weight of the bells and same rump slappers who delight in kicking the bells with their boots.

Matt and Sonia return, while it is difficult to see them at first I can hear their voices then I see their boots as they stand beside me, but there is also a third set of boots. It the pony boy’s driver. They have all had a lot to drink, they are discussing me as nothing more than a piece of meat. They think it would be funny to see the pony boy fuck the pony girl but that’s not possible while we are tethered to the sulkies. Matt suggests I give the pony boy a deep throat, they all laugh. They unhook my reins from the rail which allows me to stand, they reverse us both and reposition us face to face. Matt unlocks my head gear which releases the bit from my mouth, he forces me to my knees, the sulky tips down. Pony boy’s mistress manoeuvres him so his erect cock is in front of my face, she removes his cock ring and I am ordered by Matt to start sucking. There is a crowd gathering on the sidewalk to watch me, the naked woman on her knees giving an equally naked male a deep throat.

As my lips cover the head of his cock Sonia is not satisfied that I am trying hard enough so she grabs me by my platted mane and pushes my head into pony boys crutch, his cock is forced further into my mouth, it touches the back of my throat and I gag a little. “Harder”, the bitch shouts as she pushes and the cock is forced down my throat, now I cannot breathe she pumps my head back and forth over the full length of his cock each time it slips past the back of my throat I gag but there is no release, I can feel pony boy tensing as he sprays his cum in many spurts into my mouth, it is leaking out my lips way too much to hold in one mouthful. The crowd cheer.

They back pony boy away and then his mistress comes to me while I am still on my knees and lifts the flap on her outfit and plants her pussy over my cum soaked mouth. She holds my head by my mane grinding my saturated face into her pussy, her free hand is holing a crop. She reaches over my head and strikes my back and rump while I am sucking her pussy. Over and over again she strikes while I push her pony boys cum into her cunt. When she has finished her abuse she backs away.

Matt quickly puts my head gear back on, the bit between my teeth, male and female cum covering my face, unable to clear my mouth properly now with the bit replaced. I am forced to stand and while Sonia is preparing me to pull the sulky again Matt and pony boys mistress lock in a passionate embrace, as they kiss I see Matts hands roam over her scantly covered tits. Why am I not getting any of Matt’s attention, but why am I still wetter than I have ever been before.
Sonia has taken her seat, as Matt joins her they discuss a little picnic. The whip hits my rump I move off under the direction of the reins. Naked and trotting up the street, nipple bells ringing. The reins direct me to the local store, Matt jumps out and comes back with a couple bottles of wine. The whip again, they steer me out of town, the going is a lot harder once we leave the hard dirt road onto the grassy paddocks, the whip hits me several times to convince me to keep going. Eventually we pull up under a large overhanging tree, in the shade, I am panting hard, Matt ties the reins the one of the sulky wheels and tells me if I move off the reins will tighten and pull me over.

Matt and Sonia take the horse blanket from the sulky and spread it out a few yards from where I am. I can see everything that “cunt” girlfriend of mine is doing to my boyfriend. They both remove their shirts and Matt buries his face in her tits, they stop and open the wine, I am standing there naked and tethered while they have a good time in front of me with each other bodies. Sonia comes over to me boobs bouncing free, she has the open bottle of wine, she pulls my mane down the centre of my back which makes me look up to the sky then she pours wine into my bit gagged mouth, I manage to drink it past the bit. Maye half a bottle goes down before she stops.

Sonia returns to Matt, they completely strip off all their clothes and before long are fucking each other, I can’t believe what I am seeing. Matt is pumping her hard like he normally fucks me, she screams in orgasmic pleasure as Matt shoots his load into her cunt and they collapse on the blanket. After a few minutes Sonia gets up and holding her pussy comes over to me. She laughs into my face saying she has just fucked my man in front of me and as she pulls her hand away from her cunt I notice it is full of cum that has seeped out of her cunt, she wipes it on my face rubbing it into my eyes, she gets another handful and repeats the process until there is none left, eventually my face is covered in his and her cum, she walks away, the bitch. Why am I so aroused at this humiliation?

She goes back and kisses Matt, he caresses her body and they talk but I cannot understand what they are saying. Sonia stands naked and starts back to me with the wine bottle. She actually has a good body, nice frim tits a little smaller than mine but perfectly shaped, no sag and very long nipples poking out of dark areola. She has a snake tattooed on the side of her left globe it’s open mouth is appearing to bite her nipple, I didn’t know this. Matt gets up and follows her and as she stands in front of me Matt removes my head gear which allows me to flex my jaw as the bit is removed. He removes my crutch strap, again the dildo almost falls out due to the constant wetness of my cunt but the butt plug is a little harder Matt has to pull the tail while I assist with my bowel muscle. It eventually pops out, I feel so free now but surprisingly I feel more naked than before.

Sonia stands in front of me with the wine, she says “Matt has suggested we give you another drink” Matt is behind her now, he is holding both her tits as his arms are wrapped around her upper torso, he is nibbling the side of her neck as his naked body is rubbing against her back. Sonia puts the wine bottle to her lips and takes a full mouth