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Vacation at the Beach 2

2023-01-21 01:33:45


I was having a terrific dream, my sister Sarah was sucking my dick and I was just about to blow my load down her throat. I opened my eyes to see that it wasn’t a dream, it was real, my sister was sucking my dick and I was about to blow my load down her throat! She looked up at my face and her eyes lit up seeing me smiling at her. I reached out and stroked her hair as she continued to bob up and down on my dick. Next to us in the bed was our mother, naked and still asleep, the three of us having shared the bed for the first time. We were all naked but no sex had occurred during the night after our sexual adventure the previous day.

“Here it comes Sarah!”

I was pumping my load into my sisters’ mouth and she was doing her best to take it all down. Some of my cum had leaked out of the corners of her mouth and was running down her chin and dripping onto my balls. After I quit cumming Sarah licked up all that had escaped her mouth.

Sarah smiled brightly at me with her cum smeared lips, “Morning bro!” She said as she leaned up and planted her mouth on mine giving me a sloppy cum filled kiss.

“Morning sis. Great way to wake me up! We’ll have to make this an everyday thing.”

“Uh-uh, tomorrow it’s my turn!”

“That’s a deal!”

“When is my turn?” Mom asked as she rolled over to us.

“Morning mom!” Sarah and I said in unison.

Sarah then got up and headed for the bathroom as I rolled on my side to face my mother. I then leaned in and kissed her, our tongues twisting together. Mom turned onto her back pulling me on top of her as she spread her legs with me lying between them. I kissed my way down her neck and then her tits alternating from one nipple to the other. I sat up on my knees and gazed at my moms’ pussy spread out in front of me. I moved forward and lifted her legs and placed the head of my dick at her pussy entrance. I looked into moms’ eyes as I drove my hips forward pushing my dick into her pussy. Mom closed her eyes and rolled her head back as I started to buck my hips driving my dick in and out of moms’ cunt. Mom moaned loudly as I pounded her pussy. She had one hand down, fingers stroking her clit and the other hand on her left tit pinching her nipple then switching off to the other.

“Oh baby, I’m about to cum! Cum with me, pound me hard and fast!”
I was slamming into her as hard and fast as I could, the whole bed was shaking and squeaking under us.

“I’m cumming mom!”

“Me too baby!”

I felt moms’ pussy clamping down on my dick as she came and at the same time I squirted my load deep into moms’ womb. Mom slumped down on the bed and I pulled out as the last dribble of my cum coated her pussy lips. I lay down next to mom as we both breathed hard and fast recovering from our frenzied fuck. As we lay there resting there was a hard knock on the front door of the house that made us both jump.

“Who could that be?” Mom asked sitting up.

“I don’t know mom. You want me to go see?”

“No baby, I’ll go,” mom said as she got up off the bed and walked out of the bedroom.

I got up and went to the bedroom door and watched as mom opened the front door a crack to see who it was. Then she threw it wide open, it was the deputy from last night except he wasn’t in his uniform. He was wearing what looked like a very small speedo swimsuit and a tank top.

“Mark! I almost didn’t recognize you without your uniform. Come on in,” mom said as she opened the screen door for him.

“Hi Judy! I just wanted to check on you this morning and make sure you were okay, you seemed a little upset last night when I left.”

“That’s real sweet of you Mark but you didn’t need to go out of your way to do that, I’m fine.”

“That’s good Judy and it wasn’t out of my way at all, I was coming down to spend my day on the beach anyway.”

“Well we were all just getting up and I was about to fix some breakfast for the kids and myself, please stay and join us won’t you?”

“I’d like that Judy, thanks!”

“Have a seat while I start cooking breakfast.”

Mom was still naked and seemed unconcerned about being that way in front of Mark. I guess since he had seen us all that way last night it didn’t matter. I didn’t worry about it either and walked out to the kitchen to join them. As I walked into the kitchen mom and Mark both turned to me.

“Jimmy, you remember deputy Jones from last night don’t you?”

“Hi Jimmy,” he said as he stuck out his hand, “Please call me Mark.”

“Hi,” I said as I shook his hand.

“What do you want for breakfast Jimmy?”

“Anything is fine mom.”

“Okay, think I’ll make pancakes and bacon. Sound good to you Mark?”

“Sounds great to me!”

“Jimmy, Mark is staying for breakfast. He came by to check on us so I invited him.”

“Okay mom, I’m going to go take a shower,” then I leaned in and whispered in moms’ ear, “Mom, my cum is running out of your pussy and down your leg.”

“Oh my! Uh, Mark, I need to run to the bathroom before Jimmy takes his shower, I’ll be right back. Just make yourself at home.”

I followed mom back to the bathroom and as we entered Sarah was sitting on the commode shaving her pussy. I closed the door and mom and I fell apart laughing.

“What’s so funny you two and who was at the door?”

“You know the deputy guy from last night?”

“Mark or whatever?”

“Yeah, that was who was at the door. And he’s waiting out in the kitchen, mom invited him to stay for breakfast. Well he was standing there in the kitchen talking to mom and she hadn’t realized that my cum was running out of her pussy and that he had to have seen it.”

Mom was still laughing and Sarah started to laugh too.

“What he must be thinking about us!” mom said between giggles.

“I don’t know mom, the look on his face says he likes what he saw,” I said as I reached in and turned on the water in the shower and stepped in.

“Oh Jimmy, let me get in there first so I can wash off real quick and get back to making breakfast.”

“Come on in mom, there’s room enough for two.”

Mom stepped in the stall with me, “let me just use the shower wand to wash my pussy out real quick and I’ll let you finish with your shower.”

“Here mom, let me help you out.”

I turned mom around and pushed her back to sit on the shower seat and got down in front of her and pushed her knees apart. She just watched as I lowered my face to her pussy and stuck my tongue inside and licked her out. I decided yesterday after eating my cum from my sister’s pussy that I liked the taste of our combined cum. Mom put her hands on the back of my head and pushed my face harder into her pussy as I licked and sucked at our juices. Soon mom was thrusting her hips trying to drive her pussy even harder onto my tongue as she came almost suffocating me in the process. Mom slumped back in the seat huffing and puffing trying to catch her breath. I took the shower wand and sprayed her down and washed what was left away. We stood up and I took the soap and started lathering both of us up then rinsed off. We got out of the shower and Sarah had just finished shaving.

“Sarah, go out and keep Mark company while your brother and I dry off. Tell him I’ll be right out.”

“Sure mom,” Sarah said as she left the bathroom.

“Damn baby, you sure do have a talented tongue! Thanks for taking care of cleaning me out. That’s something else you share with your father, he liked eating my creampies too. He would even eat another guy’s cum out of me.”

I made a kind of face at that remark, “I don’t know about doing that. I figure if I eat mine that it was in me before anyway but I don’t think I want to eat another guys stuff.”

Mom just laughed and walked out the door with me following behind her. As we entered the kitchen we saw Sarah sitting on the table in front of Mark with her legs spread wide and she was holding her pussy open.

“Sarah! What are you doing?” Mom asked sternly.

Marked jumped up from his chair like it was a hot seat.

“I was showing Mark my shave job and asking him if he like shaved pussies or hairy ones.”

“Well, that’s my exhibitionist daughter for you! Mark I hope she hasn’t embarrassed you too much.”

“Oh mom, he’s not embarrassed, he told me that he is a nudist so he’s seen lots of naked pussy.”

Mark was still standing there looking sort of guilty and he had a hard on that was pushing his suit out from his body. The suit that I thought was a small speedo, was actually a thong, his ass cheeks were bare.

“Mark, you’re a nudist? Is that why our nudity didn’t seem to shock you last night?”

“Yeah Judy, I would have liked to have told you last night but I was on duty and trying to be professional about it.”

“Well then, you don’t need these.”

And with that mom reached out and grabbed Mark’s suit and pulled it down, his hard dick springing out. He stepped out of the suit and mom then pulled his tank top up and he took it the rest of the way off.

“There, now we are all naked. That’s a nice hard cock you have Mark. And I love that it is totally shaved, so smooth looking,” mom said as she reached out and ran her hand over his balls and along his dick.

“Thanks Judy. I have a lady friend that owns a beauty shop and she does laser hair removal and she has removed the hair from my penis and balls and she also did my chest and back and behind.”

“So, you do like these shaved better than hairy?” Sarah asked as she spread her legs to show her pussy again.

“Darling, I like them all ways, bald, hairy or in between.”

“Okay little miss exhibitionist, down off the table.”

“Come on sis, I need you to help me with something,” I said as I took her hand and led her out of the kitchen.

“What do you want me to help you with bro?” Sarah asked as she followed me into the bathroom.

“I want you to shave off all my pubic hair.”

“Oh wow, your kidding?”

“No. I like how Mark looks without any hair down there and I want to try it and see how I like it.”

“Okay, sit down and I’ll be right back.”

Sarah ran out and a minute later she came back with some electric hair clippers.

“We’ll use these to get most of the hair then I’ll lather you up and use the razor to get the stubble.”

Thinking about a razor down at my dick and balls made me shudder a bit.

“Relax bro, I’ve done this before and haven’t cut anyone yet.”

Sarah plugged the clippers cord into the socket and turned them on.

“Here, sit up here on the counter so I can get to you better.”

I slipped up on the counter and Sarah started to run the clippers around and soon most of the hair was gone. It really looked good I thought, it had been about five years since my pubic hair had come in so it had been a while since I’d seen my dick and balls without hair.

“Jimmy, raise you feet up on the counter and lean back so I can get to the underside of your balls and your anus.”

“You’re going to go all the way down there?”

“Trust me, it’s going to look good! Spread your butt cheeks so I can get in there easier.”

So I did as she asked and I felt like what a woman must feel like when she spreads herself out for a man. Sarah trimmed all the hairs down there and then she set the clippers down so I started to lower my feet.

“Might as well stay like you were and I will start shaving from the bottom up,” Sarah said as she sprayed a blob of shave gel on her fingers.

So I drew my feet back up again and Sarah started spreading the shave gel around. As she ran her gel-coated fingers over my anus she stuck one in up to the second knuckle.

“Hey! I don’t need any shave gel in there!”

Sarah laughed, “Sorry, just fooling around. Sit still now so I don’t cut you.”

Sarah started running the razor around my bunghole and then up over my balls as she pulled the skin on them taught. She kept on until all the hair was gone then she had me drop my legs and she shaved the top and then while holding my hard dick in her hand she shaved around the bottom of it until I was as smooth as a newborn. She took a washcloth and wet it and wiped away all the leftover gel and then applied some shave lotion. That felt really good, cool and tingly. As if to signify that she was done, Sarah bent down and kissed my dick on the head and slipped it in her mouth and gave it a few sucks.

Sarah grabbed my hard dick and tugged a little, “Come on, lets go show mom your shave job.”

I slipped off the counter and followed Sarah back out to the kitchen. As we walked in Sarah still had a hold of my dick but suddenly let go and gasped. I looked over her shoulder and there was mom, on her back on the table and Mark was between her legs ramming his dick in and out of her! Mark’s back was to us so he didn’t see us come in but mom did and she just smiled at us. Sarah started stroking my dick while we watched mom getting fucked. I reached around with one hand and fondled Sarah’s tits and then ran my other hand down to her pussy and rubber her clit. The faster Mark pounded into mom the faster Sarah tugged on my dick and the faster I rubbed Sarah’s pussy. Pretty soon mom was moaning and bucking against Mark as she came and Mark started grunting and squirted into her pussy. Sarah clamped her legs together and came on my hand. She then dropped to her knees and took my dick in her mouth just as I started shooting. After I finished cumming in her mouth Sarah stood up and opened her mouth to show me the load of cum on her tongue and then she leaned in and kissed me passing some of my cum. Sarah then went over and kissed mom and gave her some of my cum. Mark was startled when he realized we were in the kitchen and pulled his dick out of mom and sat back in the chair. Sarah then got down between mom’s legs and started to eat Mark’s cum out of mom’s pussy. When Sarah was finished with mom she turned to Mark and sucked his dick into her mouth and licked it clean. By the time she was finished Mark was hard again. Sarah stood up and straddled Mark’s thighs and then lowered her pussy onto his hard dick and started to ride him. Mom got up from the table and stepped over to me and we kissed, still tasting my cum on her mouth that Sarah had passed to her. I sat in the chair next to Mark and pulled mom over to me. She did like Sarah and straddled my thighs and inserted my dick into her pussy and started to match Sarah and Mark stroke for stroke. Soon Mark was cumming into Sarah’s pussy and not long after I was cumming into mom’s pussy. Sarah dislodged herself from Mark’s dick and sat up on the table in front of him and spread her pussy lips, Marks cum was dribbling out. Mom got up from my dick and sat on the table and spread her pussy lips and my cum was dribbling out of her.

“Okay boys, get those tongues in here and clean up these slimy pussies!”

Mark and I looked at each other and then scooted our chairs forward and clamped our mouths to the pussy in front of us and started licking them out. When Mark and I were finished mom and Sarah got up off the table and kissed each other and then each one kissed both Mark and myself.

“Okay Sarah, help me get breakfast ready. Boys, you guys go out to the living room and we’ll call you when it’s ready,” mom said as she shooed us out of the kitchen.

I went and flopped on the couch and Mark sat in the recliner and tilted it back. I looked over at Mark and he looked at me, he looked like he wanted to say something to me but was hesitating.

Finally I broke the ice, “Man, that was something, what happened in there, huh?”

“Uh, yeah, it sure was. I really shouldn’t have touched your sister though. I could get into all kinds of trouble.”

“Well, it looked to me like she touched you first.”

“Yeah, even so, I let her. She’s underage and I shouldn’t have.”

“Mom was there and she let it happen too so I wouldn’t worry about it, she could get into as much trouble as you. Nothing will come of it though, I think she must really like you.”

“I really like her too. I have never before met anyone so hot and sexy as your mom and your sister is not far behind.”

“They’re the two hottest women that I know of.”

“Uh, tell me Jim, how long have you all been sharing family sex?”

“Really just started when we came down here. Mom decided that she was really going to cut loose and enjoy this vacation to the fullest since she doesn’t get much time off. And she hasn’t had a boyfriend in a long time so I think the sex just sort of happened. It actually started with Sarah and me and then we got mom involved. Might not have happened at all except we found out about the nude beach and decided that we would all be nude all week while we were here and I guess we all got excited by all the sexy naked bodies.”

“So y’all aren’t really nudists?”

“We haven’t been until this week, we may be for sure now though.”

I started to nod off and ended up falling asleep on the couch and I guess Mark did the same in the chair. Next thing I knew Sarah was standing over me shaking my shoulder and saying that breakfast was ready. After breakfast we gathered our beach stuff up and each of us wrapped a towel around our wastes and we headed out to walk down to the nude beach. We got down the beach about four houses down from our house and there was an old lady watching us as we walked by.

Mark waved to her, “That’s the woman who called in the complaint on you last night. She is a real pain in the ass, always calling us about one thing or another. She used to call all the time about the topless girls on this beach but there is no state law against going topless and she was the only one complaining so we just let it go.”

We all waved to her then and she just turned in a huff and went back in her house. As we climbed over the rocks and got to the nude beach Sarah had already taken off her towel. I flowed suit and mom and Mark spread out the blanket in the same spot we had used yesterday. Sarah and I spread sunscreen over each other and mom and Mark did the same. We all lay down and just soaked up the sun working on our tans.

After a while Mark got up and pulled mom up and they went down and dove into the surf. I watched as they went out to the point that mom had to hold onto Mark as the water level was above her head. She had her arms around his neck and I could see her bobbing up and down, they were fucking in the waves. I shook Sarah’s shoulder and she sat up and watched them with me for a while before lying back down and going back to sleep. After a while Mark started walking back up the beach with mom still riding his dick as he walked. Mark lay mom down on the blanket and continued to fuck her then he rolled over so mom was on top. Mom was lying on him and they were kissing as Mark rammed his dick in mom’s pussy. They were positioned just right to let me see Mark’s dick in mom’s pussy and her anus as it stretched as his dick slid in and out of her pussy. My dick was rock hard watching this and I got to thinking how good it would feel to put my dick in mom’s ass along side of Mark’s dick in her pussy. I took the bottle of sunscreen and squirted a big glob in my hand and grabbed my dick and lathered it up with the lotion and then I squirted a glob on mom’s ass hole. I got up behind her and between Marks legs and pointed my dick at mom’s ass. I put the head against her wrinkled hole and started to push it in. Mom moaned loudly as I sank it in very slowly until I was buried to my balls in her ass. I started to pump my dick in and out of her ass at the same time as Mark was ramming his dick in and out of her pussy. Mark and mom had been fucking for a while before I joined them so it was no surprise that he was ready to cum and I was just getting started. The surprising thing was that just as he started to cum his dick popped out of mom’s pussy and his load shot all over my balls and the outside of mom’s cunt. I kept stroking in and out of mom’s ass as she lay on top of Mark. I felt myself building to my cum and soon was filling mom’s ass with my load. I pulled out and the cum ran down over mom’s pussy and down onto Mark’s dick and balls below. I rolled over and dropped on my back breathing hard. Mom and Mark lay there kissing for a while and then mom got up and looked down at herself with mine and Mark’s cum running down her legs.

“I need to go wash all this cum off down in the water.”
“No wait, come with me. Come on Jim, you come with us too.”

I got up and followed mom and Mark back into the area behind where our blanket was. It was part sand, part rocks and when we got to an area where there was a large sandy spot with rocks all around.

“Judy, sit here on this rock and Jim and I are going to wash all the cum off of you.”

“How are you going to wash me off?”

“Like this…” and with that Mark let a big forceful stream of piss fly from his dick hitting right on mom’s pussy.

“Oh my gosh! That feels so hot!” Mom exclaimed.

Mom reached down and spread her pussy lips letting Mark’s stream hit right on her exposed clit. Mark peed for a few more seconds before his stream ran out.

“Okay Jim, your turn. Judy, turn around and bend over and put your hands on the rock with your legs spread as wide as you can.”

My dick was rock hard as I stood behind mom looking at her exposed ass hole and her pussy below. I tried to get a stream going but just couldn’t get any flow going.

“Jim, close your eyes and relax. Clear your mind and let it go.”

I did as he said and soon I was squirting a high arc of pee from the end of my dick. I pushed my dick down and directed the pee onto mom’s ass washing down over her puckered hole and pussy washing the cum away. Mom was shaking her ass all around and squealing with delight. My pee finally let up and mom stood up and came to me and hugged me to her and kissed me and then turned to Mark and hugged and kissed him. Then Mark went and sat against the rock where mom had been, right in the piss puddle we both made.

“Jim, come sit next to me, it’s your mom’s turn to wash us off.”

I wasn’t so sure about being on the receiving end but went and sat down against the rock too.

“Okay Judy, come over her and stand above me and let it fly!”

Mom giggled and stood over Mark and spread her pussy lips, a little trickle escaped from her hole and ran down her leg. Soon though she got a stream going and it splashed all over Mark’s dick and balls. His dick started getting hard again as she covered him with piss. Mom then moved over me without stopping her flow and peed all over my dick and balls and then she pulled up on her pussy and the stream hit me on the chest and soaked me. After her stream stopped Mark pulled her back over to him and pushed his face in mom’s pussy and started to eat her out, mom was so excited she started to cum right way soaking Mark’s face. Mark stood up and mom took his hand and mine and we walked down to the water and jumped in. After we rinsed off we walked back up to the blanket and sat down. Sarah was sitting up as we got there.

“Where have you guys been?”

“We all had to pee so we went back in the rocks to do it then we went down for a dip in the water,” mom explained.

“Now that you mention it, I need to pee myself.”

“Well, just go back in the rocks back there and let it go,” I said.

“Go with me bro.”

“Okay, come on,” I said and stood up and extended my hand to her.

Sarah took my hand and I pulled her up and led her back in the rocks to our pee spot. She squatted down a little and let her pee go without hesitation. As she peed I told her about what went on with mom and Mark and me.

“Damn, I wish I had been awake then. Sounds like fun!”

“It was sure wild, peeing on mom and her peeing on me.”

Sarah had finished peeing and I took her in my arms and kissed her. I pushed her back until she was sitting on the rock where mom sat and I got down on my knees and pushed my face in her pussy and ate her out until she came on my face. Sarah pulled my face to hers and licked her cum off my face. We got up and walked hand in hand back to our blanket. Mom and Mark were gathering our stuff up and putting it back in the beach bag.

“Are we leaving already?” I asked.

“Mark’s kids are flying in and he has to get back and shower and go pick them up and his stuff is locked up in the house. You two can stay a while longer if you want but I am going back with Mark.”

“Nah, we’ll just go back home too,” Sarah said.

We took our towels and wrapped them around us and started back for the house.


“Yeah Sarah?”

“How many kids do you have?”

“I have two, they live with their mother. My son Tad is 17 and my daughter Lisa is 16.”

“Are they nudists too?”

“No, I guess they aren’t. They don’t even know that I am.”

“Are you going to bring them over to meet us?”

“I thought I would. Would you like to meet them?”

“Sure, but you are going to have to tell them about the nudity thing because I am not going to put any clothes on until it is time for us to go home. Mom and Jimmy and me made sort of a pact to stay naked for the whole week.”

“I plan to tell them when I bring them home from the airport tonight so they will be prepared. They may not just strip off right away though, some people don’t take to it as easily as an exhibitionist like you!”

“Ha, ha, ha! Exhibitionist huh, you mean like this?” and with that Sarah flung off her towel.

“Sarah! Put that towel back on this instant! Otherwise I will have to have Mark arrest you!”

“Hey, I might like that! Mark could lock me up in his jail and I would refuse to wear any clothes and he could come in my jail cell and spank my bare bottom for being such a bad girl!”

We all laughed at that and Sarah reluctantly put her towel back on. We got back to the house and Sarah and I dropped on the couch to veg out in front of the TV. Mom took Mark by the hand and led him toward the bathroom.

“Come on Mark, lets conserve water, shower with a friend you know!”

We heard the shower running and mom giggling like a little girl as they played in the shower together. Sarah got up and came over to me and dropped her towel to the floor, then she crawled up and straddled my lap and stroked my dick until it was hard and sat up and eased her pussy down on my dick. She leaned in and kissed me running her tongue around my mouth. I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight to me. We just sat there with my dick inside her and held each other. We didn’t really fuck, Sarah just squeezed my dick with her pussy and I stroked her back and ass. It was nice just to sit connected like that and just be with each other. A few minutes later mom and Mark walked in, Mark was dressed in his thong and tank top.

“Jim, Sarah, I have to go now so I can get home and change and go pick my kids up at the airport. I really had a good time today and hope we can all get together tomorrow with my kids. I uh…would like to ask a favor from you though.”

“Sure Mark, what’s that?” I asked.

“Well, I would like it if you guys played it cool around my kids, at least at first. I really don’t want then running back to their mother telling her all about us. If you understand what I mean.”

“Sure Mark, we understand.”

“Thanks Jim,” he said as he reached out and shook my hand.

“See you tomorrow Mark,” Sarah said.

Mark held his hand out to Sarah so they could shake hands.

“No handshake for me, come here,” Sarah said as she reached both arms up to him.

Mark bent down and Sarah snaked her arms around his neck and planted her mouth on his. As they kissed Sarah’s pussy was contracting around my dick as she got excited. Mark reluctantly pulled away and he and mom headed for the front door. Mark kissed mom and as he did he looked over her shoulder at Sarah as she started to ride my dick, humping me hard and fast. He released mom and smiled and waved toward me and Sarah then turned and walked out the door. Mom came over and sat next to us on the couch as Sarah continued to hump my dick. Mom was rubbing Sarah’s back as she rode me and then mom eased her hand down over Sarah’s ass. I felt mom’s hand on my dick and balls and then she eased her finger into Sarah’s pussy along side of dick. Then she pulled it out and licked her fingers and slid it back down in Sarah’s pussy again. This time she didn’t put her finger in her mouth, instead she slid her finger into Sarah’s ass. Sarah moaned loudly and I felt her cunt clamp down on my dick as she came. This sent me over the edge and I started pumping my sister’s pussy full of cum. Mom took her finger out of Sarah’s ass and stuck it back in her pussy next to my dick and drew it out and licked mine and Sarah’s cum off of it. Sarah just collapsed against me as she came down from her climax.

“Okay you two, go get a shower and we’ll go get something to eat somewhere,” mom said as she headed toward the bedroom.

Sarah got up and grabbed my hand and pulled me up and we went into the bathroom. I started to turn on the shower when Sarah stopped me.

“Bro, wait before you turn the water on. I want you to wash the cum off of me like you and Mark did with mom.”

“Okay!” I said with a big smile, “Sit on the shower seat and spread ‘em!”

Sarah sat down and spread he legs out and put her feet up and braced them on the walls. I stood in front of her with my now hard dick in my hand and started to relax like Mark had told me earlier. Soon I started to pee and I directed the stream right at Sarah’s spread pussy lips and down on her ass hole. Sarah started giggling at first but then started to moan as she rubbed her clit and got more excited. She had her head back, her eyes closed and her mouth open as she started to cum. I got a wicked thought just then and let my dick spring up squirting Sarah in the face and all over her tits. Sarah just kept fingering her pussy and moaned as I finished peeing on her. I stood there looking at my beautiful sister sitting there with my piss running down her body. I grabbed the shower wand and turned the water on and sprayed her down as she kept rubbing her pussy. Sarah opened her eyes and smiled at me then stood and kissed me. Sarah dropped to her knees and took my dick in my mouth and started to lick our cum off. She stood back up and kissed me again and I tasted us on her lips. We got out of the shower and as we stepped into the bedroom mom was pulling a very tight t-shirt on over her head. It was so tight it was like a second skin, her nipples poking out through the shirt. She also had on some skin-tight shorts and you could tell she had no panties on.

“Wow mom! That’s hot looking,” Sarah exclaimed.

“Glad you like it baby, I got you a matching set,” she said and picked them up and handed them to Sarah.

“Where are we going dressed like this?”

“Baby, I was hoping we could get your brother to take us to a club for some dancing.”

“Mom, they won’t let me and Sarah in any clubs, we’re underage.”

“Okay you two, I know you both had fake I.D.’s made and have been out to clubs before with your friends.”

“How did you find out?”

“Jimmy, I found where you hid yours and your sister showed me hers a while back.”

“Damn, guess I need a new hiding place.”

“Baby, I hope that now you won’t need to hide anything from me any more.”

“Yeah I guess that’s right, after the last couple of days what have I got to hide from you?”

“Get dressed and lets go find a good dance club.”

So Sarah pulled her shorts and t-shirt on and she looked just as hot as mom did. I put on my tightest pair of jeans and a t-shirt that was about as tight as mom and Sarah’s, my pecks and nipples clearly showing. Mom tossed me the car keys and we all climbed in the front seat of the car and took off to find a club. We drove for a ways down a street that was lined with restaurants and hotels and nightclubs. A couple of blocks down we came to one that had lots of cars parked around it and lots of people milling around, it was called “Crazy Joe’s Saloon”, it looked like a good place so I pulled into a parking spot where a car had just pulled out. We made our way in after the guy at the door checked our I.D.’s and let us in without even a second glance. The place was packed but we finally managed to get up to the bar and we all ordered beers. Mom and Sarah then dragged me onto the dance floor and we danced together and drank our beer.

After a while mom left to find us a table and Sarah put her arms around my neck and I put mine around her waist as we danced close. Next to us was a girl who was flashing her tits at a guy with a video camera. Then she turned and pulled her short skirt up and flashed her g-string butt to him. Sarah and I stopped dancing and watched as other girls started flashing there tits to the camera. Soon the camera came around to us and Sarah being the exhibitionist she is pulled her shirt completely off and rubbed her nipples for the guy. Then she turned around and pulled her shorts down and stepped out of them leaving her completely naked except for her shoes. Everyone around us cheered as Sarah danced for the camera. Several of the other girls pulled their shirts off too but none got completely naked like Sarah. The guy with the camera leaned in and whispered something in Sarah’s ear and she laughed and shook her head yes. She turned to me and dropped down on her knees and looked up into my eyes and I smiled down at her as she unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down letting my hard dick spring free for everyone to see. Sarah leaned in and stuck her tongue out and started to lick me in that special spot on the underside of the head of my dick just like mom showed her how to do that first day on the nude beach. The guy with the camera got down close and shot a close up of what Sarah was doing to me. A few of the other people gathered around had their camera phones out shooting the scene too. Pretty soon I could feel myself getting close and I looked down at Sarah and she knew. Suddenly I erupted, my cum shooting over Sarah’s face and in her hair, the next shot hit her mouth and then she pointed my dick down and let a shot fly onto her tits before taking me in her mouth to finish me off. A big round of cheers went up from the crowd around us. Then someone yelled that the bouncer was coming so I pulled my jeans up and buttoned them and Sarah scrambled to get her clothes back on and then we went back to dancing normally just as the bouncer appeared. He looked right at us but we ignored him and he finally left. We never saw the guy with the video camera again. I figured that some day I would find that video floating around the internet. Sarah and I found our way over to the table that mom had found, she had ordered us each another beer. Sarah and I downed them pretty fast trying to cool off from our escapade on the dance floor.

“Sarah, is that cum in your hair and staining the front of your shirt?”

Sarah and I just about fell over we laughed so hard hearing that!

“Oh mom, you missed it. I stripped naked while we were dancing and a guy with a video camera was shooting it. I pulled Jimmy’s pants down and licked his dick until he came all over me!”

“Sarah! You shameless hussy!” Mom said and then started laughing along with us.

Just then a man walked up to our table.

“Hi, how are you all tonight?” He asked as he put an arm around mom and Sarah’s shoulders.

“We’re doing just fine,” I said a little protectively.

“Good, good,” he said looking at me, “the reason I ask is that I heard that this young lady here just put on a show on the dance floor with you, is that right?”

My face got red and Sarah grabbed mom’s beer and drank what was left in one chug.

“So, what if they did, are you here to kick us out?” Mom asked.

“Oh hell no. I’m the club owner and I thought if this hot looking young lady didn’t have any qualms about baring her body in front of strangers that maybe she would like to enter the wet t-shirt contest tonight at midnight. And your just as hot as she is and we would sure like to have you enter too. There are cash prizes, winner takes home $500, runner up 250 and third is 100.”

Sarah jumped up, “Oh yeah! Come on mom, lets both enter!”

“Mom? You two are mother and daughter?”

“Yes we are.”

“Damn, I thought you were sisters. That changes things considerably. You two really have to enter the contest and if you do I will guarantee you each $250 in addition to any prize money you win.”

Mom thought about it for a minute then looked over at me and I just smiled and nodded my head.

“Sure, what the hell. We could use the extra money to help pay for our vacation.”

“Fantastic! Come on back stage with me and we’ll get you two signed up and get you the official club wet t-shirts and you and the other girls can get ready. And just to show you that I am true to my word, here is the $250 each for you up front,” and he reeled off five one hundred dollar bills from a wad he took from his pocket and handed them to mom.

“Here Jimmy, take this money and hang onto it,” mom said handing me the bills.

I stuffed them in my pocket as they turned and headed for the back stage door. I thought about the guy with the video camera and wondered if he was still here and would shoot the contest. Then I remembered that our video camera was out in the trunk of the car so I decided to go get it before the contest started so I could video it. I almost couldn’t get back in after I got the camera, the guy at the door didn’t want to let me back in, then someone took his attention away from me and I slipped in. It was almost midnight and the club owner was on stage waiting for the song that was playing to end. As it did he picked up a microphone and started announcing the contest.

“How are you all doing tonight?” Hoops and hollers went up from the crowd.

“It’s time for the Crazy Joe’s Saloon nightly wet t-shirt contest!” More cheers went up from the crowd.

“We have 10 of the hottest girls in the world competing here tonight and a very special surprise for you too! So, lets get the ball rolling. Come on out ladies!”

The crowd roared again as the girls strutted out on stage with mom and sis the last two out. All the girls had modified the t-shirts, some were cut down so they bared their bellies and a couple had cut theirs so that they had to tie them in the middle to cover their tits. Mom and Sarah had taken their shirts and cut them basically in half and wore the bottom part of the shirt as if it were a skirt and the tops were cut down so far that they barely held their tits in. I knew that mom and Sarah had not worn any underwear so if they moved just right they would be flashing pussy to everyone in the crowd. I had the video camera running and I had just under 40 minutes of space available on the card. The first girl was announced and she strutted over to where a guy dresses like a fire fighter had a hose with a fire hose style nozzle on it. The girl stepped into a plastic kiddy pool and the fire fighter pulled back on the nozzle and a big spray of water coated the girl. The spray was so forceful that it blew the knot on her t-shirt open and her big tits tumbled free. The girl just pulled the rest of the shirt off and walked back to center stage and started dancing to the music and she squeezed her tits and rubbed them and she bent over to let them hang down. She then turned around and dropped her shorts to show her wet panties. Her time was up and she moved over to the other girls and the next contestant came on. She did pretty much the same except she didn’t drop her pants, the next two didn’t take off their shirts but they did flash the crowd. The next girl ripped off her shirt and tossed it out to the crowd, she had pretty small tits but big nipples and she pulled her panties down and flashed her ass and pussy. The next three all pulled their shirts off as they danced, one girl was kind of chunky but had nice tits. Then the club owner took the microphone back and started to announce mom and Sarah.

“These next two girls are the special surprise I told you about. These two are, are you ready? These two girls are MOTHER AND DAUGHTER!!! Come on Judy and Sarah!”

Mom and Sarah ran over and jumped in the kiddy pool and the fire fighter turned on the hose and wet them down. He even stooped down and sprayed up there makeshift skirts blowing them up and exposing their pussies for a second. The crowd was going wild cheering and whistling. Mom and Sarah came back to center stage and started dancing, slowly pulling their tops up over their tits. Then they turned around, ass to the crowd and bent over, their skirts pulling up over their asses exposing their bare ass holes and pussies. Mom then reared back and slapped Sarah on her ass. The crowd cheered and screamed for more. They stood up facing each other and Sarah grabbed mom’s top and pulled it off, then mom did the same to Sarah. They hugged each other pressing their tits together and they French kissed snaking their tongues around. Mom then dropped to her knees in front of Sarah and yanked her skirt down leaving her totally naked. She then leaned in and stuck her tongue in Sarah’s pussy and started to lick her out in front of the crowd. Sarah had her hands on mom’s head pushing it tightly into her pussy. Mom pulled back and lay on the stage and Sarah dropped down between her legs and planted her mouth on mom’s pussy then they moved around into a 69. The crowd was going wild and I was having a hard time getting it all on video. I finally got the club owners attention and he let me up on the stage to shoot the action. I got down between mom’s legs where Sarah had her face buried in mom’s pussy and got a shot of Sarah’s tongue flicking mom’s clit. Sarah came up for air for a second and she looked at me shooting video and smiled into the camera. Then she sat up with mom’s face still in her pussy and grabbed at my jeans and pulled them open and took my dick out and sucked it into her mouth. The crowd was almost out of control when she did that. I panned the camera to the crowd and quite a few girls were topless and guys were behind them groping their tits. Sarah pushed me down so I was sitting on the stage still shooting video and she pulled my pants off and then my shirt. All three of us were naked on stage and Sarah straddled my hips and impaled herself on my dick. Mom came over and lowered her pussy onto my face and I stuck my tongue up in her pussy. Just then all the stage lights went out and someone pulled mom and Sarah off of me and then pulled me up by my hand. I could barely make out the owner of the club and one of his female assistants leading us off the stage and then we found ourselves in a dressing room. The female assistant brought in my pants, luckily the $500 was still in the pocket, and handed them to me. Mom and Sarah were giggling their asses off as they stood there naked since their clothes were nowhere to be found. Since they couldn’t get dressed I figured I wouldn’t either so we all just stood there naked waiting for the club owner to come back either to pay mom and Sarah or throw us out. Finally he did come back in followed by his assistant.

“Wow guys, I don’t know what to say. I hadn’t expected you to start having sex right out on stage. Sorry I had to shut it down, as much as I would have liked to see you finish, the cops would have busted us all if I hadn’t. Judy, Sarah, since we didn’t finish the contest tonight and no winner was picked, I am just going to give you another $250 each,” and he peeled off another five one hundred dollar bills and I took them and stuffed them in my jeans. “I would ask you guys to come back tomorrow for the nightly contest but I think maybe I better not.”

“I’m sorry we ruined the contest for you tonight. Maybe I can make it up to you a little,” mom said as she dropped down in front of the club owner and pulled his shorts down and sucked his dick into her mouth.

Sarah then got down next to mom and they both took turns sucking his dick. The guy’s pretty assistant stood watching for a second as she rubbed her pussy through her shorts. I stepped over behind her and reached around and cupped her tits through her shirt. She stuck her thumbs into her shorts and slid them down and stepped out of them and she bent over and put her hands on the desk and thrust her ass at me.

“Fuck me now!”

I placed my dick against her sopping pussy and pushed in to the hilt. I started slamming in and out of her, my balls slapping against her as I did. She reached down and fondled my balls as I fucked her. I looked over and Sarah was reclining on a table and mom was bent over licking her pussy while the club owner was fucking mom from behind. I was about to blow my load when the girl pushed me back and dropped and took my dick in her mouth just as I started cumming, sucking down every drop. The club owner pulled out and shot off all over mom’s ass as Sarah came on mom’s face.

They never did find mom and Sarah’s clothes, I offered my pants to one of them but they wouldn’t fit so we all just walked out to the car naked and piled in. We drove back to the beach house and went in and just flopped on the bed and went to sleep.

It had been such a wild vacation so far and we still had more to come…